Monday, March 06, 2006

Mega-Pro's Classic Desert Rampage

The first race of the Intermountain Cup Race series was Saturday. Mad Dog had a good showing for a picutre perfect race. The weather was incredible, sunny and warm. The course was in great condition, dry but not too loose.
I suffered from my usual pre-race jitters, but it helped to see familar faces. A couple of the girls that I raced with in Sport last year had moved up. I enjoy racing with them. It helps to diminish my nervousness to have people to talk to as I wait my turn. Of course, I could always strike up a conversation with someone new, but I am pretty shy by nature and find that intimidating. All last year, on the start line I was intimidated by everyone on the start line.
As we were staging and waiting our turn to start, we decided to add a nine and under lap to our race to make it just a bit longer. I got a good jump on the line and pushed as hard as I possibly could until the single track that started down hill. I felt really comfortable the whole time. I nailed the washes on both my laps, although they are much more difficult when I am out of breathe. I was smart about not crowding the person in front of me even if they were going a bit slower to allow room to maneuver if they fumbled the obstacle.
I believe it was towards the beginning of my second lap, that I got passed by a girl on a single speed. It hurt my ego, I have to admit, but I want to find out who she is and let her know that she is my hero.
In retrospect, I wish we had not added the nine an under lap; I would have liked to add a lap to see how off I was from the next category up.
Check our the results at Click on results in the left column. Great job team.

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