Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I read this article that indicated that cyclist who wear their helmets are at in increase risk for collision. You can read the article here. A couple of things stand out about this article. Like this:
“We know from research that many drivers see cyclists as a separate subculture, to which they don’t belong,” said Dr Walker. “As a result they hold stereotyped ideas about cyclists, often judging all riders by the yardstick of the lycra-clad street-warrior." We all have said that motorist don't like cyclist because we wear spandex, but apparently it is true.
I also always thought that I recieved more respect from motorist than Chris did, simply because I was female. Again, this seems to be scientifically true.
The last thing that stood out about this article was that the study took place in the United Kingdom. I am assuming that drivers there are more aware of cyclist than here in the states. Graned, I have never been to England, but based on my experience in Europe it is true. So I am curious how the study would turn out here.
I don't feel like I would "risk" not wearing a helmet based on this, but it is intriguing. In this case, it pays to be female.

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