Monday, September 11, 2006

Today I don't feel that bad. I even considered riding, but felt that it would probably be best to wait until Wednesday. My wrist is still sore also. I have another appointment later this week. I am pretty tired of the cast and ready to be rid of it.
I can be pretty naive and most of the time I am aware of it. I was surprised by the lack of consideration from drivers. There were signs everywhere and I am not sure all of it was ignorance. There were even some support drivers that I was surprised at how close they were to the cyclists. Chris even had things thrown at him. When we were pulling into Jackson at a light. This truck pulled up close to the rider in front of me then I noticed that it was pulling a trailer even wider than the truck. It seriously was within half a foot of the rider. I heard Chris from behind me saying that we were never doing this again. I agreed. It is just too dangerous.

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