Sunday, October 22, 2006

I have come to grips with reality and the fact that it is not going to be warm for a long, long, long, long time. With that in mind, the last couple of days have been great for riding. For reasons that I don't totally understand, it takes a lot longer to get ready for fall riding. There is something about the arm warmers, knee/leg warmers, beanie, etc. increase the prep time for rides. But it has to be done.
I have done an array of riding the last few days. On Friday, it was cyclocross. Borrowing a LaPierre from Maren at Racer's Cycle Service, Maren, Racer and I had "cyclocross practice". We went to a couple fo local parks and did a couple laps. We also took some time practicing mounts and dismounts. It was a good time and felt I improved. This gets me thinking, do I want a cyclocross bike? This is an ongoing debate and discussion at my house and in my head.

Saturday, Chris and I went to Lambert Park in Alpine. Chris had read some reviews and decided it was worth a look. It was pretty good, but definitely convenient for this time of year. I am not sure I would opt to ride there over something like the ridge trail during the summer. We got a bit turned around not knowing how each of the trails in the area connected. It is amazing how different a trail looks coming down versus going up. We climbed this one section (rodeo or river) and I told Chris we had been here before. He adamently denied that we had. I told him I was positive. He reaffirmed that I had no idea what I was talking about. Yeah, in the end I was right and Chris was wrong.

Then today we did a road ride. We went up Maple Canyon and back down, through Springville, up and over Slate Canyon, through the tree streets to the Temple and then up by Rock Canyon Park, headed south and back down and home again. It was about two and half hours. It was a really good ride, again see the disclaimer above.

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