Saturday, March 03, 2007

the first intermountain cup race for 2007 is in the books. i feel like i had a really good race. i was a mere five mintues behind kathy sherwin formerly of ford cycling--who is a real pro rider where as i am a pseudo-pro. i spoke to her, as in a real conversation, for what is probably the first time on the start line...i am so brave. i also spoke to her after the awards. i wanted to know how hard she was pushing during the race. i have never been that close before. she said that she was pushing but not as if she was in an important race. i am paraphrasing and giving it my own interpretation. i was pretty stoked none the less.
i also lynda wallenefels on the start line. she said that her surgery went really well. she is out for eight weeks which she is pretty bummed about. i can't necessarily blame her. her training cards were in our race bags too. i thought that was pretty cool.
anyway, we went out with the expert men 30-39. as a standard response, i let the guys go and the women went too. "how many times will i do this?" you ask. i am guess quite more times. i passed jen hanks and a couple men on the road before the single track. i ended up behind another women, a guy, and a women in the first wash. they were not going as fast i would like to have been going. the girl in front of me was bouncing around like a pin ball which would explain why i could have gone faster. i passed them after the wash and was pretty nervous about them catching me. in the end i had distanced myself by three minutes.
i could see kathy and tim hodnett for the first lap and a half. then after the first big descent of the second lap i lost tim. i think i could still see kathy for while, but she was pretty far away. i could be wrong. i got pre-cramp spasms at different times but in both my calves. i don't know what that is about, but i had the same isssue last year. i will have to do something about that...

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Andre Veloux said...

I just had a surf around for cycling blogs and found yours. Clearly you aren't just another girl on a bike. Chapeau. Good luck for the season.