Sunday, April 22, 2007

I was so excited to ride yesterday. I have been telling Chirs for weeks that I wanted to see what the Alpine Loop was like. So we had planned to bring both sets of bikes in. We were going to ride up the Loop early and then meet everyone else for a mountain ride. I was stoked so was Chris.
Chris was so excited he woke up at 5 am. We got out of bed a bit later and start eating breakfast. I feel a bit nauseous. I don't think much of it and figure it will go away, so I start doing other things. I eat an orange to see if that helps. Nothing. I don't really want anything. As a person who loves food this is a bit odd. I don't think that much of it and just bring a lot to eat on the ride once everything calms down in there. We stop at a gas station so I can get some 7 Up to help calm things and give me some easy calories. It just increases the nausea.
We get to the mouth of the canyon and start riding and Chris wants to pick up the pace so I jump on his wheel. I feel weak, but figure I just need to get warmed up. Just before the bridge by Bridal Veil Falls, I pull over in hopes of ridding the contents of my stomach believing it will make me feel better. Nothing again. I decide to go back to the car. I am hoping to feel better by the time we start the mountain ride. Chris goes on and I turn back. I put in a mean 8 miles round trip. I just set my bike by the car and sit in the drivers seat. I start dozing on and off.
People start showing up and Chris returns. I feel no better and probably worse. My neck is stiff and getting sore. Chris switches his equipment and heads off with everyone but me. I am driving home. I spend the rest of the day in and out of consciousness. My back, legs, shoulders, and neck feel like I did a mamouth workout. They are sore and achey. Chris bought me some flu medicine which knocked me out. I slept all afternoon and night. What a waste of an absolutely beautiful day.
This is a picutre of the weather this week, which added to my desire and need to ride this weekend. I feel much better today.

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