Sunday, April 29, 2007

RAWROD* 07 was number three for Chris and me. This year was much warmer than the past two. Camping the night before was amzaing. The moon was incredibly bright and it was not even a full moon. Kenny provides delicious home made bread and brats. It was awesome as always. The tent was luminous and there was little need for even a light. I fell asleep pretty easily, but as usual I woke up several times. During a moment of wakefulness, I look over at Chris. He is apparently out taking care of some business because I can't see him. I look down by the door and he is rolled up in a ball. I am too tired to do or say anthing about it, but find it quite odd. In the morning, he said he had a great night's sleep and had no idea how he ended up there. The morning was pretty warm. Ironically, Chris kept saying how cold it was. He is crazy. We got everything ready and took down our tent. We rolled out around 7. The first 15 miles went by really fast.
The view from the bottom of the initial 15 mile descent. You can kind of see the rode we come down if you look closely. The switchbacks are awesome. I felt really comfortable descending all weekend. I get really nervous with drop-offs, but I found my groove early.
My favorite picture from this time around. It is a stop about six to eight miles before Murphy's--where we stop for lunch. This is an incredible view. Because I don't care for heights, I try to stay away from the edge.
Chris in his new team kit from Subaru Gary Fisher at our first stop. He loves getting his picure taken.
This has always been one of my favorite views on the ride. The rock is a deep rich red.
I have noticed this rock every time I have done this ride. I have never stopped to get a photo though. This time I went to stop and Chris could not figure out what I was doing. When I told him, he didn't believe me at first. This rock formation reminds me of the smurf's for some reason. I don't really know why. It just does.

This was probably the hardest RAWROD for me. My legs were tired from the start. I felt okay on the flats, but I just threw it into my granny gear for every climb. I did alright though. I made Shaffer's and was able to hold Chris' wheel on the way back. Although I was spent, it was great ride.

*RAWROD is an acronym for Ride Around White Rim in One Day. It is an annual event hosted by Kenny Jones. He invites a group to join him on this scenic ride. He provides support for everyone. It is incredibly fun and gracious.

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