Sunday, May 13, 2007

---Happy Mother's Day---
In stark contrast to last weekend this week has been incredibly warm with Friday and Saturday reaching temperatures in the 90's. We rode the Alpine Loop and it was perfect. Perfect because we had summer time weather with spring traffic--the gates at the top were still closed so there was not traffic unless it was on two wheels. We also went up to solider hollow to pre-ride the course for next week.
This week my riding had been limited though. I agreed to teach a Lifeguarding class after work, so if I can't fit a ride in at lunch I have not been able to ride. I commuted to and from work though. This works out well given gas prices. I will probably continue to do it a couple of times a week through out the summer.
Our B-9 Tribeca is in...sort of. It was delivered to the dealership, but the dealership won't let us have it until it has plates. I don't really understand why a temporary plate can't be used. It should be "driveable" by mid week.
I am more of a Outback Sport kind of a girl, but I am sure I will be okay in this. Something seems to be missing...shouldn't it have a bike rack?
The console has a navigation system. This could take us a long time to figure out. We also had to agree not to be messing with it while driving.

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