Wednesday, May 23, 2007

tonight i took part in my first weekly race of the season--it was eventful. There is a race series that alternates between soldier hollow and sundance each wednesday. they don't do a podium, but just hold a raffle at the end of the race. They are really laid back and all about having fun. I have decided that I am riding my single speed at these races. This weeks race was at Sundance.
My group took off a minute behind the expert men and with the sport men. We climbed the road for a bit before ascending the single track. I took off towards the first of my group, but allowed some to shoot into the single track because I was on a single speed. Not that this was a mistake, but I could have climbed faster if I was in front. On a single speed it is really difficult to slow down on quick climbs which inately happens when you are beind people. I was climbing with three people in front of me when we came up on this guy who left with the group in front of us. We were behind him for quite a while before Heather who had been in front finally was able to get around him. She took off. The rest of us continued to sit behind him and the number of people catching us grew. It was a parade behind him. The Jen finally took a corner on the inside and was able to pass him. I mentioned to the guy in front me directly behind the "slow guy" that if he could pass soon it would be great because I was trying to stay with my group. He tried to make something happen. Unfortunately, it did not work and he ended up off to the side. I was now behind the "slow guy". I noticed he had head phones on so loudly I say I want to get around him when there is a chance. Nothing. I say something again louder. He responds that he is not going to stop just so I can get by. Then tells me I should have started faster. I not so loudly say "dude, I think you started a minute before me." He continues to ride slower than I wanted to go and I can't see Heather and am losing Jen. I then make something happen and squeeze by. I feel kind of badly because it probably was not the best place to pass, but he wouldn't work with me. I continue to question whether I was in the wrong for the rest of the race. I was able to catch Jen. We jockey a little bit when she takes a wrong turn. I tried to warn her but she did not react fast enough. This allowed me to pass her and then put some distance between us. I can see Heather but am unable to catch her.
After the race I am still questioning my behavior but am pretty sure I was justified. Rick (who was stuck behind me when I was behind the "slow guy") comes up to me and asks what that guys deal was? I respond that I have no idea. I ask if he heard what he said to me and he had. He mentions I was very polite. I feel better about how I handled the situation. I start to wonder where Chris is. I haven't seen him come in yet and I figured he should have. Someone asks about him and I say I don't know. Another guy said that Chris broke his frame. This is the second frame he has broke in one week. I see him walking down the hill with his fork and head tube in one hand and top tube, down tube and rear triangle in the other. It completely severed. He is without a bike--poor lil' guy. Hopefully we can get this warrantied like his other frame.

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