Thursday, July 26, 2007

Here in utah we celebrate pioneer day. July 24th is the day that the mormon pioneers entered the salt lake valley and made utah their home. Now it is a day full of celebrations similar to the 4th of July. So again in celebration Chris and I accompanied by Keith hit the road. We started from home, met Keith at the mouth of provo canyon, climbed squaw peak, south fork, and then went up and over the alpine loop. I finished my ride at work--so it is not exactly like the 4th. It was a great 80 miles and 5+ hours on the bike.
then last night I did the weekly mountain bike race at Sundance. Before the start of the race though Chris and I went up to try and identify the routes for the Race For Everyone that Mad Dog is hosting up at Sundance. I brought my SS and it was the rock drop course again. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I felt surprisingly good too. When chris and I first started riding my legs were heavy and sore. They lightened up once I started spinning.

I decided not to do the Perfect 10 this weekend. I opted at attempting to feel well at the Evanston race next weekend. Hopefully, I will.

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