Sunday, August 12, 2007

it is all single speed from here, well, on the dirt anyway. chris, adam lisonbee, brad keyes, and i are doing 24 hours of moab as a rigid single speed team this year. it is going to be hard. the only logical way i can think of to prepare is to hang up my geared mountain bike until after the event.
based on my experiences this week though, this could be difficult. I raced my ss on wednesday and on saturday. wednesday's course was a lot of climbing. I suffered. Yesterday was the
ss challenge up at sundance resort and i suffered again. on the wednesday night races the courses are short and this is where i have primarily been racing my ss. Short as in less than an hour. Yesterday I raced for just under two hours. this was an eye opener for me. I have a lot of training to do before moab.
by the end of the race, which chris won by the way, i was spent. My arms, my legs, my lungs...they were all feeling it. Riding a ss takes a little more out of me. Not only are there no gear options during the race, there is no suspension. Even on a course like sundance which is fairly smooth, can take its toll. today I am feeling it, but will be back at it soon.

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Brad Mullen said...

You guys make me smile :-) Knock 'em dead at Moab. I'll be there cheering you on.