Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Today was the 2nd annual new year's squaw peak climb sponsored by Kenny. He sends out an email and everyone shows up at the bottom of squaw peak road to ascend and then descend in the snow. It is a chilly event but what better to do on your day off. Today it was around 11 degrees on our way in. I learned a little something from last year...bring additional clothes for the return trip. I carried a wind jacket, a balclava, and additional gloves. We spend a bit of time cooling off at the top which makes the descent even colder. The ride at the bottom starts pretty cold, but I warm up about half way up.
I sported the single speed today because my gears are being held hostage at the shop. Acutally, I failed to pick it up last week and they were closed yesterday and today. It was not too bad with the 20 though. I had to walk alot from the last bend before the hope campground turn off to the top, but the rest was ridable.

Chris (with gears) barely overtook Kenny (singlespeed) at the final run to the top

I joined Chris quite a bit later at the top

The whole gang--more than last year

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