Saturday, March 15, 2008

I am really frustrated now. This knee thing is getting old. After last saturday's incident, I got a cortizone shot. It was achey for about 24 hours and then really started feeling better. I stayed off it for two days. I did some road riding and it was fine.
We escaped the local weather today and headed down to Moab. I was so excited as we were going to ride Porcupine Rim. A guy I work with had ridden it last weekend and said it was not bad. Keith, Adam, and Brad joined us for the trek. And Fred (Moab Rim RideFred) met up with us. We parked at the Middle School and tood the road up. I felt good. I tried to stand on most of the climbs thinking it would reduce the potential for pain. I was wrong. It started "flaring up" before we even got to the trail. I went a couple of miles into the trail and with Chris' prompting decided to turn around. As Chris wisely suggested it was probably better to turn around before I got to the point of no return both on the trail and in terms of pain. So I fought back tears (I am a big baby and cry when I am really frustrated) and headed down the way I came up. While everyone else had four plus hours of fun, I had about two hours on the bike. On my way down to the car, I saw Chris Fox and Matt Ohran heading up. Although I tried to be friendly, a little part of me hated them and everyone else who was on their bikes and heading towards Porcupine Rim. Okay, so hate is a little strong, but I was definitely jealous. Back by the cars I worked on riding curbs for balance and strolled along the path until that also became painful. Luckily the guys returned not long after I was done. And now I am back home frustrated and longing for the ability to ride my bike like I could before.


Indohran said...

Hang in there. I am no stranger to injuries. You have to let them take their course. Sounds like Bart G might have some advice for you? By the way I got schooled by your husband all day on Sunday. He was like all the Jeeps on Gold Bar a friggin "Rock Crawler" Holy shit he can ride up anything! Then he dropped me on the last road climb of the day going back into town.

KC said...

Welcome to my world. I miss it.

UtRider said...

Did anything about your bike and/or equipment (shoes, cleats, pedals, etc.) change prior to OP? The last time I experienced pain behind my knee was last year when my saddle had slipped backwards a few mm. After figuring out what was different about my position and moving my saddle forward the pain disappeared.