Saturday, July 19, 2008

All week I have been anxiously awaiting the results for the Perfect 10 to be posted. It has not happened. I really want to know my lap times to see if I remained pretty consistent or if I faded. I felt like they were consistent, but it is always hard to tell. I was also hoping for pictures too, but no dice.

While waiting for the Perfect 10 postings, I also tried to recover. I think I have done a fairly good job. I rode almost everyday, but my rides were shorter and I consciously kept my heart rate down. My goal was to feel good at Snowbird (ICUP race). I am not sure if I was successful or not though.

As I approached my staging for Snowbird, all I could see were expert women. I figured the rest of my class would trickle in, but they never did. I had no one to race. Now if I was ambitious I would have gone out and raced it, but I was not feeling that motivated today. So when we (the experts and myself) took off, they all started racing. I pushed a bit to ensure I entered the single track before they did and I got some distance before the steady climb. Then I rode at a fast ride pace. I got passed by lots of guys and was okay with that. I really am not sure how I felt.

On the start line though Ed (the race director) eluded to me just doing three laps like the expert women. I opted to stick with the four laps that were previously scheduled. I could use the distance. Besides if I would have gone shorter, I would have disappointed Roxanne.

So where was everyone? One theory on the start line was they were all off doing bigger better races (NORBA). Possibly. Some individuals don't really like the Snowbird course. That could have kept them away. There is a fire road descent that can be a bit sketchy. But it is not that bad. Granted a couple years ago Chris did go down and end up needing stitches. (Which he received in the parking lot, but that is another story.) I know why Kathy was not there. She has had a challenging season due to really bad luck. Hopefully she will have a fast recovery, because that is awful!

Chris felt really good. Better than he has all year racing. I am so excited for him. He won his division also. Unfortunately, there were half as many riders as normally show up. Hopefully, I can get some pictures to post.

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I got some photos from today, actually, Lyna did