Thursday, July 10, 2008

Last night was a Sundance weekly race, making it is two weeks to the night that I went down and injured in essence my entire right side--shoulder, elbow taking the brunt, hip, and knee. The expert men A took off and a minute later the expert B, then my group, the sport men and expert women left another minute later. As we left, I decided to take it easy off the line and slowly make my way through the group. I usually try to quickly find my position, but last night I just wanted to make sure I had a good position going into the single track towards the front because it was a one speed wednesday. This allowed me to bring up my speed nice and easy. It seemed to work for me. Joseph of team mad dog led the group out and carried a good pace. I felt really good and was able to push hard. I could see the tail end of the expert B's as I entered the single track and a couple allowed me to easily pass them. Thanks guys.
At the top of the climb there is a quick road section that transitions from up hill to down and spits you out into a turn followed by single track. The turn is a bit loose and I carried too much speed to long. As I was braking and turning my rear wheel started coming around the front and I tipped over to my right side. Due to some cleat issues my right foot did not release as I would like. None the less I landed squarely on my right elbow—the in the same spot I assaulted two weeks ago. It is still a bit bruised, but not that torn up anymore thankfully. It hurt so badly and each little stutter bump afterwards was incredibly painful. OUCH! I believe I re-bruised my bruise.
I still felt good though but may have descended a bit slower. I was excited to be climbing again once my first lap was done. I only had a short lap after that. My race seemed REALLY short. So after I was done I went and cooled down on another big lap. It was a great night for a ride and I love my single speed rigid fork and all.

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Keith said...

I'm fairly confident that, despite the delirium of effort I was experiencing when you passed, you appear to be getting faster and faster. Now if we could somehow limit your use of braking, without further injuring you, you'd be unstoppable. Nice racing KC.