Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Utah Mountain Biking State Championship was scheduled for June 14th at Solitude. As that date approached it became apparent that the course would not be ready. It was still under snow, lots of snow. An executive decision was made to reschedule the event for July 5th. This rescheduling had an impact on how I would spend my 4th. I would have liked to spend the majority of my 4th on my bike, but with a race the following day that would not make sense. So I was limited to a short ride. This at the end of a very low volume week—I had family in town which limited my riding time.

Solitude has always been the venue for the State Championship. I have never done well at this event. It was always something:

  1. I lost my shoe. My foot hit a rock or root and popped my foot out. As I searched for my shoe, I realized it was actually on my pedal.

  2. I was taken out by the meanest mountain biker I know. After she passed me, even though I could climb faster I wanted to keep my distance.

  3. I crashed and landed square on my head on a descent. Luckily, it was my last lap and I was okay. I went home with a head ache and a broken helmet.

The past couple of years I have also not felt well. This race is usually the week after the 12 Hours of the E100 and I have never really recovered between the two events. So I start off feeling like there is lead in the legs.

The first lap, like Deer Valley last week, starts off with a road climb. I much prefer single track climbs—they wind around in the trees and don't seem as steep. At the start line, I am feeling pretty good—rested and unintimidated compared to last week. We hear the “Go!” and take off. Erika takes off. I make sure she does not get away and am able to pass her after some climbing. A single speeder comes up behind me—I hate getting passed. He asks how far back he is because he missed his start. I tell him two maybe three minutes, but I don't think anyone else showed up. I caught him on the down hill which made me feel a bit better. I felt strong climbing—odd for this race. The descent is a bit technical and rocky in places so I wanted to be smooth and safe. Even though Chris did not stick to the “No Crashing” rule, I did. I was pretty smooth, but slowed a bit on my last lap because I did not want to crash and lose my place. I was so stoked to have had a good race at Solitude after finishing. Finally!

The weather up there was ideal. It was warm but not crazy hot like has been and was in the valley. I drank well too on each lap. The hand off was sketchy just because it was on a rooty, rocky single track portion of the trail. I had to slow way down and like I said I my first lap, I felt like I was in slow motion. It was a great day on the bike.

Chris felt good—hallelujah. But he crashed twice on his second of four laps. He started the descent with a crash and ended it going down also. Thankfully, he was not hurt. He is sore today, but that is to be expected.

A dirty Chris after the race.

Chris' 5th place finish.

KC coming up to the finish.

Coming into the finish.

Derek, Chris, and Keith on a ride.


Olivia said...

So, hold on. Where did you finish? Did you leave that part out on purpose? I'm not usually a numbers girl, but...

StupidBike said...

KC, can I steal some stuff from this entry for an article about the race?

KC said...

Go for it, Bob.