Saturday, August 02, 2008

No racing this weekend which is nice. I really enjoy racing but it is also nice to just ride. Keith had a long ride planned doing the peaks up Provo Canyon. He invited a large group of people which made Chris and me nervous. So we decided to deviate a bit from the plan and go the opposite direction. We started at Timp Park and headed up AF Canyon. About a quarter mile before the Timp Cave parking lot, a cyclist went down. I heard his tires slide and looked back and he was sliding across the road. His friend was right behind him. We turned around to see if we could help at all. He was pretty torn up, but not seriously hurt. He ended up getting ride down the canyon. It was crazy.
We made pretty good time to the top. One the way up, we passed a couple of guys and their wives from Revolution Cycles on tandems. At the top we ran into Kenny, Elden, Rick and some guy I recognize but don't know his name. Chris probably knows it but he is asleep. We said hello and got a quick bite to eat. Then we headed down. Tons of cyclists were heading up as we descended. It was so cold coming down.
As we got to Vivian Park, Keith and company were coming up the canyon. We went up South Fork with Keith, Jeff, Jared, Tim, Adam, Mark, and company. Gail (Keith's wife) met the gang at the top with water and food. Chris and I headed down to do Squaw Peak while everyone else finished refueling and headed towards the Alpine Loop.
We were supposed to meet up for lunch at Bajio. So Chris and I hung out at Borders (without buying or looking at Twilight mind you) for awhile. We waited and waited and waited until we could not take it anymore. We caved and went to eat. As we were finishing up, Keith called and said plan had changed. By then, it was no big deal though because we had food in our stomachs.
Even though I am done with ICUP races, there is still racing to be done. We have Leadville this coming weekend, the Race for Everyone, and NORBA at Brian Head at the end of the month. September has the Single Speed Challenge and the 12 Hours of Sundance. And of course, there is the 24 Hours of Moab in October which right now is a huge mess for us. Anyone want to do a fast single speed team?

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LyndaW said...

Good luck to you guys at Leadville.