Saturday, September 06, 2008

This weekend could not have been any different than last. First, there was no question about the weather. It was great...absolutely perfect. It was similar to the weather we had on Gooseberry. This was Sundance Single Speed Challenge, so obviously my geared bike stayed at home and I rode my Rig. Oh, and I felt good. Yippee!
I was surprised by the number of participants. There were 18 on the start line, but I was the sole female representative. Just me and the boys. My goals going into this race were a bit arbitrary because I reall did not know who was going to be there. I wanted to finish first among my gender. (I did assume I would be the only one.) And I wanted to try to finish midpack-ish among the guys. Now this was a silly goal, because I did not know who was going to show up. In years past is has been a bunch of really quick guys like, Chuck, Josh, Kenny, Chris, Matt, etc. And I assumed they would all be there. As it turned out though more guys did show up and I was able to achieve my goal.
Chris was funny about this race. He really wanted to do well--maybe to make-up for last weekend. He was apprehensive about who would show up and whether he would feel good. He did end up feeling good and had a great race. He did have a couple wrong turns, in spite of the sufficient trail marking. He took first, with Josh taking second. Kenny and Chucky had mechanical issues that set them back or caused them to drop out respectively.
This really is a race that we look forward to doing each year. There is just something about it. It is completely relaxed but competitive. Great venue and a great time of year for it.
Next weekend we will return to Sundance for the 12 hour race. We are doing coed duo, but plan on racing the single speeds in preparation for 24 hours of moab. This is our first time, but it should be awesome.

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