Sunday, November 09, 2008

It has started. I can not say that I like it, but there is nothing I can do. I suppose it would be more correct to actually say it has ended, of course, I am talking about daylight savings. I am mourning it. Darkness falls so early. In a week it will not be as important, but we are doing 12 Hours of Temecula next weekend and it has been really hard to get rides in.
On top of the darkness that falls before 6:00 pm, the weather has not been that cooperative. Sure if I just needed to just get out on my bike it would not be such a big deal. I can ride on the road, but I need to be riding the dirt. Right now mud is almost easier to fine. Actually, Provo Canyon is not that bad. It is wet, but not sloshy, get mud all over you and your drive train wet. There are supposed to be a line of storms on there way into the area though. Yippee.
I did do the cyclocross race this weekend. That was fun. I felt lots better than last time. My dismounts and mounts have vastly improved also. I took third and I suppose that I can not complain about that as I don't really give it much attention. But like I said I still have a mountain bike race coming up.

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KC said...

Lambert doesn't have the hills, but the dirt dries pretty quickly on the lower trails. Good luck at the race.