Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I have been experiencing technical difficulties. Our lap top decided as a Christmas gift to us that it is going to no longer connect to the internet through our established wireless network. I reset the IP address and everything and now it says we are connected but still no internet comes up. I have been messing with it for days so who knows what I have done to it. Hopefully, I can get some tech support. Then I could not get my camera to down load pictures at work, but I figured that out. It was a much simpler issue.
We have tried to do several snow rides. Our first attempt was Christmas Eve up Sqaw Peak. It was really not so ridable. Besides Tex's paws started bleeding so we turned back and just rode the pathway. I slid on some ice and ate it. Classic. No real harm done.
We made a second attempt up Squaw Peak road on Friday. It was a bit better, but it got bad before the Bonneville Shoreline crossing. We turned around again and did some lower elevation riding. Then we heard that the road above the race course had been plowed. So I made my way to the Bonneville Shoreline parking lot in Orem. I climbed the road and then descended into Timpanogos Park. It was delightful. Parts of the descent were super slick. I felt like I was sledding down it, but I had wheels. It was so great that I brought Chris with me the next day. It had been warm though and it is getting slushy up there. Yesterday was not bad, but I think today would be pretty muddy. No worries though because we are heading south this weekend. Chris is scouting out the weather and trails in order to pick our destination.

Being an optimist, the snow makes a good bike stand.

The mountain across the way

The road I just climbed. I dumped it on the next descent, but it was soft.

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