Saturday, December 06, 2008

So I took some time off. Why? I am not really sure. I have heard that it is good to take some time off and December seems like the optimal time to do so. I don't have any reason to train as we do not have any races scheduled for a bit. Chris and I are planning on doing Old Pueblo duo coed. I am very nervous about it because riding 12 hours duo just about kills me.
I think not riding is the hardest part of training. I am not good at resting. Brad understands. So while I am not riding I have taken up jogging. Jogging is not nearly as fun as riding. I think a good run is hardly on par with a bad ride.
It had been five days since my last ride. (Sounds like I am in a Rider's Anonymous group.) But today Chris and I went down to Moab to do our 70 Miler. It starts at Lion's Park.

Starting the ride

Crossing the bridge and avoiding traffic

Lunch stop after Sovereign

Lunch was at the gas station near the barn

Riding towards Gemini Bridges there is a cool rock that looks like a bird

We take Gold Bar to Golden Spike and then Poison Spider

Monument on Gold Bar trail

Descening Goldbar

Heading back over the bridge to Lion's Park
I am totally spent but it felt great. The weather was super nice. I did have a bit of spill. I was tired on a climb and failed to pull my front wheel up. I stopped dead in my tracks and could not get my foot out. I went over to the right. I jacked up my arm. It is pretty achey, but hopefully it is not too serious. More resting scheduled for this week.


Brad Mullen said...

Looks like another fun Moab weekend for the Holley's. You two know how to live life to the fullest. Forget the rest - go for it :-)

Keith said...

I soo jealous I couldn't come down with you two and ride this loop. I did however get a quick Dry Canyon loop in solo and it was in great shape, no longer I'm sure. said...

This isn't really a comment so you don't have to post it. I am wondering how do you put captions under your photos. I have never been able to make it work on my site. They always end up in the wrong spot when I post the article. I would really like to figure it out.

You can just email me your response. My email is