Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Riding this time of year constantly changes. For example, Saturday we rode the upper Alpine Loop and it was amazing. It had just been groomed the night before and it was perfect. We went up and down and then back up and down again. The second trip was not as good due to snow mobile traffic, but really nothing to complain about. (Anyone know how we can get schedule of when or how often they groom that?)
On Monday, I brought my mountain bike to ride the road above the old race course (below Betty's and Frank's). It was a bit sloppy but not really too bad. It was easy to stay in the sno except for a few short sections. I get to the end of the road and I am looking foward to the desent. Last time it was all plowed and perfect. It was a blast coming down into Timp Park. Well, apparently it had snowed ALOT and they (who are they anyway?) did not plow it.

I figured that they just did not do the upper section. I knew that if I just went down a bit it would get better.

No if I go just a bit farther, then it will be better.

It did not get better, but by then it was getting dark and it would be easier, faster and safer to keep going down than up and back again. That road was not plowed until I hit the lower road. It was ridiculous!

Yesterday though I took the cross bike out on the road and that was great. It was warm. (Are the mid 40's considered warm?) I did not even have on booties or toe warmers and my toes were just a bit chilly after an hour or so.

We have Moab scheduled for this weekend. Then I will be forced to take a week off. I am traveling for work. Hopefully the hotels have amenities like a weight room and upright bike.

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