Monday, February 16, 2009

We just got back from 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo and it was not so good for a second year. As our first attempt doing 24 Hours as a Duo team, we realized that it may not be for us. The first 12 hours was okay, but as I came in at 12:30 am Chris was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. It had been a good lap for me, but apparently his digestive system was all messed up. He said he was done as in completely done.
I went back to camp, rested and refueled a bit. Chris continued to say he was not going back out so what was the point for me to do so. I tried to tell him because we came out ride our bikes. He still thought I was silly. I went back out for another lap around 1:30 am or so. Upon returning at 3am I decided to wait until light to go out again. This was a mistake. I should have done the same thing--go to camp, rest, refuel, switch lights and go back out. But I fell for what Chris was saying.
It finally got light and warmed up just a bit, then Chris and I went out for a lap together. It felt pretty good. Chris evidently thought it felt really good. After our lap--which was credited to me--he went out for two more laps, riding the first with Racer.
I knew he would eventually feel better. I should have just continued to ride through the night until morning when Chris felt better. Chris says there will be no next time, but if there is...

the expo

our camp
le mans start view 1

the la mans start veiw 2

Arthur and Chris staged bikes

a view of the trail

camp mates from Racer's Cycle Service

Crazy cactus in camp

Another view of the trail--more cacti


Brad said...

Sorry to hear about the tummy trouble - glad it wasn't a crash. It looked like you were having a good go at it for the 1st 12 hours though. Way to hang tough and finish what you started. Let's so south and have some fun now :>)

KC said...

Way to tough it out. How do you know where your bike is at the first of the race?

ER Dog said...

Hey, At least you were there and from what i understand No snow. Let´s try one more time next year. I want to be there.

KC said...

I stood next to the bikes so that they could be located more easily. Some individuals have hand offs like Tinker. Otherwise, you just have to hope you remember where it is staged.

Dave Harris said...

Sounds like that joke about the knife wasn't that far off the mark. KC, try solo next time and you will get to ride as much as you want...and then some. Just be nice to Chris cause you'll need support.