Saturday, April 11, 2009

I love 21...toothed cogs that is. Because it refuses to not rain long enough to allow the trails to dry out, I have been single speeding it quite a bit lately. The 21, while a bit pansy-ish, is great. It is much easier on climbs. I anticipate going back to the 2o though for one speed Wednesdays.
We were able to make it out for a ride today between the rain showers. As we were heading into Provo it was raining pretty hard. I was surprised that Chris continued to drive and did not turn around. I figured we would just go hang out somewhere until it stopped. By the time we got to Timp Park it pretty much had.
I was even more surprised that while the trail was wet, it was not sloppy. We made it all the way to the altar climbing up Betty's. There is snow up there again. We came down Frank's and then Dragon's Back. We hit Bonneville until it got sloppy at the top. I can not wait until that trail dries out. Chris and I are planning a celebration for the day we are able to ride the entire trail. Although I imagine the riding of the trail will be a celebration in and of itself. After coming back down, we headed back to the race course, up the Cliff Trail and hit Bonneville North. This was good until a bit past Dry Canyon where we ran into some sloppy stuff and then headed back.
It was a great three hours on the bike for a rainy Saturday.

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