Sunday, May 17, 2009

a call to order

Chris and I have been spending some time on the Provo River Trail. We frequent the area between Will's Pit Stop II and Vivian Park and it is complete anarchy. I don't mean that there are people wielding guns and committing crimes, but there is no order in the way people travel this portion of trail. It is well established and marked on the trail itself where peds and cyclists are supposed to travel.

Maybe it is early and no one remembers where they are supposed to be--even though it is painted on the trail itself. We had groups of peds of all ages taking up the entire width of the trail. One guy even looked back and I would assume saw us, but made no effort to move himself of any member of his party to make room for us to pass. We had to go around them on the grass. Kids riding their bikes in all lanes as there parents watched without care. (Okay one "Mom" called out to her son to get out of the way, but then what I percieved to be her husband weaved into our way also. She then had to "yell" out to both.) Granted if your kid is on a bike s/he should be in the cyclist lanes, but if s/he are as slow as foot traffic then maybe s/he should stay in the peds lane. In the least, do not allow them to stop in the cycle lanes as you catch up to them. It is just not safe for anyone.

Small groups of long borders were taking up multiple lanes. We would announe our presence and attempt to manuveur around them as safely as possible, but many were novices and did not appear to know what to do. I have always been sympathetic for the long borders as they really don't have a place, but they should at least pick a lane and stay in it. They should also be able to control their equipment, be able to stop, and for the love make it possible to hear others as they approach. I understand what I am asking--no iPODs or maybe just wear one ear phone.

And in case you don't know...

This is the symbol for pedestrians--stay in the lane with this marking if you are a ped.

This is the mark you will find for the bike (long board, roller blade, and other wheeled formed of transportion) lane. There are two lanes for directional traffic--just like the road.

Be aware of you surroundings and be safe. Thank you for your time.

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