Sunday, May 10, 2009

I need to recover. That is the overwhelming thought and feeling I have today. All things considered it was a good weekend. Chris and I ventured down to Cortez, CO for the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde. We competed in the Duo Co-Ed category on our single-single speed rigids. We fared well taking 4th place overall behind Matt Harding and Josh Wolfe--team mates from 24 Hours of Moab.
My race went surprisingly well although it was a bit sketchy at the start. We got down to the event site with plenty of time to preride the course as planned. Within the first three miles I went down. I am not sure exactly how, but my best guess is I grabbed too much front brake on a descending curve. My front wheel washed out and I was down before I knew it. My left hand ended up underneath me and it felt as though my fingers went all the way back. I was hurting. I was able to finish the course and I kept telling Chris I was fine in hopes that I would be. It was painful but not unbearable.
I had not been feeling especailly well all week. I had that run-down, I think I am getting sick feeling. Swine flu? Probably not. I took some Nyquil Friday in hopes that I could get a good night sleep and feel good in the morning. I slept well, but I did not feel well. My throat was sore and my voice was equally hoarse. As Chris ate and got ready for his lap I just sat around with my eyes closed hunched over. I attended the 6:30 am race meeting and as things warmed up I felt a bit better. Chris took off for a quick jaunt around the barn as the le mans start and was off for his first lap. I then started getting ready.
We camped with Josh and Matt and their friend Paul who was supporting them. This worked out well because they were a few minutes ahead of us all day. I would come in off my laps eat and drink and then close my eyes. When I would hear Josh start to move, I would mimic him and get ready. Between every lap I just wanted to sleep.
On the bike I felt pretty good. My throat would burn with every breath, but it let me know I was pushing. I needed something because my heart rate monitor and watch died the night before just after we finished the preride. I have no idea how fast any of my laps were or if they were consistent. Each lap I would just go either trying to catch someone in front of me or attempt to stay in front of others. After we left the awards, Lynda came over with an envelope with fastes female lap written on it. I was surprised when she dropped it off for me. I am anxious to see the results.
The course was amazing. Probably one of the most fun courses I have ever ridden. It was longer than most 12 hour course too. We only put in 9 laps--which was as many as the race leaders completed. The trail twisted and turned. There were rocky ledges to climb and drop and berms that would just flowed. I was nervous after the preride because it did not seem to suit my strengths. I usually do better on longer climbs. I was able to find my flow though and really enjoyed myself.
Congrats to Josh and Matt on their 3rd place finish, Lynda and Dave on their individuals 1st place in the Solo Single Speed, Jen and Shannon on 2nd place and Heather Gilberts 3rd (I believe) Solo Single Speed finish. Utah had a great showing.
I will catch up on pictures later this week I hope.


ER Dog said...

Congrats! That sounds like fun. I am kicking my self for not going. Hope your swine flu is better.

Brad Mullen said...

Another great result by a Great Duo team. Good job.

KanyonKris said...

Sounds like a good race.

I'm confused - you have a photo of a 1st place trophy but say you took 4th as a team. Was the 1st for the fastest lap, or just to show what the trophies looked like?

bradkeyes said...

Congratulations! I hear you guys took 1st in the CO-ED and 4th overall. Way to represent.

KC said...

Kris: We ended up first in co-ed duo and 4th overall. We go into these races with the overall as the goal hence the claim to 4th.

Carson said...

Way to go! You guys are awesome!