Monday, May 25, 2009

It was questionable. Last night Chris and I sat outside watching and listening to the rain fall and blow. It was one of the hardest rains I can recall in Utah. I texted a friend who lives on top of the world to see if it was raining at her house as she lives just above the course. Her response was "Pouring." It was not looking good.
We got new early from Karl in early this morning alerting us to the one hour delay. The race was to go off at 10 now. We left with plenty of time to register and warm up. As the new race time approached there were still concerns about mud at the top. Our friend Noah had gone out earlier and he turned around coming back the way he went up with his bike completely caked with mud. The decision at race time was to reroute the course taking out the single track climb to the top and a descent. This also shortened the course and another decision--I would say a wise decision--was made to split the racers. The shortened course was really not big enough to accommodate the Pro, Expert, Sport and Beginner riders. So the Sport and Beginner were scheduled to go out first and the Pro and Experts would go out 90 minutes later. So the race that I got up at 6:00 am to race at 9 did not start until around 1:30. Now this was no one's fault; it is just racing. But it was difficult to stay focused, fueled, and ready to ride.
My race went well. I finished in 3rd (out of 4). Jen Hanks was strong today and I could not hold her off and even hang with her. Chris also finished in 3rd (out of 14 or so). He came home with a bit more money than I did.
Thanks also to the first mentioned friend, Omar, who did bottle hand ups. I am sure she got a bit bored waiting and waiting, and waiting with her nephews, but I really appreciated it. Hopefully, I will have some pictures to share.


Jonnie J said...

Hey do you still have your X9 shifters for sale? Is so I am interested. I will be at Sundance tomorrow night for the weekday race.

KC said...

yep. I will bring them. See you there.