Saturday, September 12, 2009

12 Hours of Sundance 2009

Chris and I just got home from the 12 Hours of Sundance. It was a long day on the bike. Yes, we have done 12 hours before as a Duo team, but this race seemed especially tough. There was lots of competition--lots of fast teams.
Starting off, we were a couple of places back. The Gibsons--Chuck and Greg--were on fire. Josh and Kenny were putting down some quick times too. And then there was an unknown team, Diamond something wearing green and blue. After getting time put into us, I figured we were out of the running.
I did not feel bad on the bike--better than the start of last weekend for sure, but fatigue seemed to be setting in earlier than normal. Then Chris caught on fire. Then there were some key mechanicals--Greg had tire issues on a couple of laps and Kenny had a flat and chain issues on consecutive laps. We started making up some time.
I tried to ride steady. Chuck kept catching me. I would hear him behind me and then try to find a place to let him pass. I hate being passed, but letting him by was the right thing to do. Then on the last couple of laps, he started catching me later and later. On my final lap, I was able to hold him off. Granted this was probably more Chris putting time in on Greg than me "holding" Chuck off. On our 17th and final lap, Chris came in about a minute before Greg. (Brad--you were right.) It was a hard fought race for us. Hopefully, I will get some pictures to post.

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ER Dog said...

You two are a SCREAMING team. Glad you're there to prop Chris up.