Tuesday, November 03, 2009

November Nights

We did a night ride last night and it was perfect. Granted my light set up was less than ideal, but now I know. Chris and I had planned to do night rides as the weather has been warmer. So just like before the end of daylight savings (why does that have to end?) we headed to the mouth of the canyon post-work. We suited up with lights and headed out. We had just under an hour of daylight before we needed to leverage our "artificial light". The weather was great. Yeah, there were cold spots but delightful warm spots too. This reminded me of swimming in a lake or other body of water only I did not have to push out the thought that is was probably urine making it warm.
We also met up with Josh, Jay, Gretta, and Dan. It is always fun to meet up with others on the trail. I wish we were doing the same thing tonight but I have to be a grown up and take care of some responsibilities like Young Womens. Although it may be for the best as my hand/thumb/wrist is incredibly achy...still.


Dan said...

Thank you for the link to the Young Women's page. I feel like I better understand the girls I'm trying to date now after reading that

KC said...

umm...that may be your problem Dan. These girls are under 18 and technically off limits. You may want to try the RS page of your local singles wards. Just sayin'