Friday, December 04, 2009

Recovering from Trees

So I have been trying to recover all week from the trees in Moab. I got clipped or more accurately I clipped two of them. The first was on Porcupine Rim. I hit this tree with my left arm about half way between my elbow and shoulder. It knocked me off the bike, but really just some bruising. No big deal. The thing that stood out the most on this was seeing Chris' front wheel coming towards me, hoping he would stop in time. He did.
Then on the way back from Pothole Arch, I hit my left hand on a tree. This too dropped me. I landed squarely on my right shoulder. When I landed all I could think was "Oh, no!" It hurt so badly. I was not sure I would be able to ride again. Luckily the pain seemed to subside quickly. Chris was ahead of me at the trail head, working on his bike. I stopped next to him and told him what happened. It was then that I realized, for the first time really, that I had hit my left hand and it was bleeding. I took off my glove, but did not think much of it.
While my left hand looks the worst, it really has not bothered me. There is lots of bruising, abrasions, etc. My right shoulder is pretty swollen but no bruising. Similar to my right thumb which is still bugging me. I am a mess.
So I have not done much riding. This really has less to do with how I feel and more my schedule and the weather (cold temperatures) and lack of light. But today we rode the St. George race course, Zen Trail, Bear Claw Poppy, Stucki Springs to Barrel Roll. Then we just rode the dirt back to the car. It was a little over four hour of fun and fairly pain free.

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Great Blog - super photos, keep it up.