Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cannot Win

My sore throat finally went away and I am feeling relatively good. We had plans for camp Lynda this weekend which was canceled. Chris tried to find some place regionally for us to ride, but it did not look good anywhere. So we stayed home and tried to do something locally.
We once again attempted Squaw Peak. We gave the snowmobilers plenty of time to pack down the snow. It looked promising as we pulled up there were lots of trucks and trailers. But again the snow, even with the amount of traffic, was too soft. I made farther than I have all season, but that is not really saying much at all. I convinced Chris to ride the Provo River Trail a bit with me though. I found that enjoyable. Chris did not so much. Then again he was having a personal equipment issue--he seamless shammy had bunched up. If you have those Bontrager shorts, you know what I mean. It made him understandable cranky.
Well, since Squaw Peak was so deep and soft, I decided to try some snow shoeing. I opted for Bonneville Extreme South starting at the buckets in Springville. We had tried to ride this several weeks ago, but the snow was too deep. This time I should have brought my bike; there was hardly any snow up there. I did not really need the snow shoes so much and finally turned around due to a lack of snow. I cannot catch a break.

The "deep" snow on Bonneville in Springville

The lack of snow further up the trail

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