Saturday, January 30, 2010

Riding the St. G

We left this morning to ride in St. George. I slept most the way down. According to Chris, so did he. We made it safely and without incident. Paul Moot met us at the trail head--the recycling bins in Coral Canyon--for a ride on Church Rocks. We did a loop counter clockwise, headed out on Prospector to Silver Reef to have a quick bit at Red Cliff Recreation. Paul left us there as he had to get back to his family. On the way back, Chris had a small incident with an equestrian. I don't think he was to blame and apparently one of the other equestrians apologized for the first.

We then grabbed a quick bite and met Dennis (Jones) at the Zen trail head. While there, we ran into lots of people from up North. Mona Vie was out on a training ride as was the newly formed Skull Candy-Peak Fitness squad. Dennis had never ridden the race course and has been wanting to do so. We showed him around. I think he liked it. We then headed for Zen. Zen as always was good. It was a day on the bike. My legs are rocked--feels so good.


KC said...

Oh so jealous, but that's okay, I will be down there in 2 weeks!


Anonymous said...

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