Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prep Time

The Red Rock Rampage is Saturday in St. George. The weather is looking good. I still have to mail off our registration but it is as good as done. This year my race age it 35. So I can race the women 35+. It is a bit shorter of a race, but I am sure it would still be fun.
We have been getting race ready on the Bonneville Shore Line trail between Slate Canyon and Springville. North of Slate Canyon does not dry out as well and is therefore more affected by the storms. Chris said he rode all the way to the mouth of Rock Canyon last week. I have made it to the Y parking lot a couple of times. Yesterday though we (Dan, Chris, and I) turned around before getting that far North because it was wet and soupy. Whereas South was great.
Chris and I will be working with Peak Fitness & Performance this year. We are pretty excited for this. I had an opportunity to get my VO2 Max tested last year and was impressed with what Aaron could offer. 
We are excited for the upcoming race season.


KC said...

KC, why not race 35+ and pro? Start time is at a completely different time, or just do 35+, get done early and run support for Chris. ;-)

BTW water tower has not been too bad, I know it's not single track, but is is dirt. Also, BST north looked clear although I didn't ride it, so I can't vouch for the entire trail.

See ya' next week.


ER Dog said...

Boy you sure could piss off a lot of girls in that 35+ category. I dare you.