Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is Spring

It was a typical week of spring riding. Monday was gorgeous. Tuesday too, but I had to squeeze in a short ride due to responsibility. Wednesday was cold and rainy. We tried to ride and essentially failed. We were going up Dragon's Back as the water was streaming down. And then there was the tiny hail that hit like pins. Like I said, a typical Spring storm. We turned around after just 20 minutes or so soaking wet...and cold. Thursday was the community/group ride.

 Me and Tex before I headed out
Today was the highlight. I rode just about everything at the mouth of Provo Canyon. Everything was in good condition. Phast Dan joined me. I would have been okay by myself, but was grateful to have someone to ride with for the "just in case".
We went up Betty to the top and then came down Dry. Yes, we did. Then we headed a bit North and came back went up again and down the other side. I finished off with Bonneville South and Burn. I was pretty cooked after that. Dan was going to go on and ride some more.

The view from the top of Dry

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