Saturday, May 22, 2010

Soldier Hollow 2010

I am tired. Not just fatigued but truly tired. I slept most the way home from the race and then sat on the couch for an hour or two before doing the usual Saturday chores.
So how did the race go? Eh, it was alright. Soldier Hollow has always been a tough race for me. I like to settle into a climb and find a rhythm. There was none of that today. Ed incorporated a nice switch back climb and descent a couple years ago, but due to the rain it was removed today. It was above the snow line (yes, it was snowing) from earlier this morning. There were some other course changes too, but most of it was the normal course--all the double track.
I made my most common mistake. I started fueling late. I finished my first lap realizing that I had not taken in any calories. I also did not have a very big breakfast so this was not a smart move. Chris asked me after the race what I was going to do to correct this common mistake. I have an idea or two to implement.
I don't think I was recovered from the mid-week race. It got pushed back to Thursday again this week due to the weather. I tried to take it easy on last night's ride, but apparently not easy enough. Granted being late for my Father-in-Laws birthday party may have impacted the pace just a little.
I also had some weird gut issues on the first lap. They were more like a cramps, but I can not figure out why. They went away but I was really uneasy there for a bit. My right calf was bugging me also. I woke up screaming in pain early this morning. My calf muscle cramped up. Chris was not as alarmed as he usually is. I think he realizes that this happens to me every once in a while. I have had worse but there is still a tinge there.
I don't think any of this really impacted my placing though. Kathy was off the front. Kelsey was riding strong again this week. Sarah had some issues unfortunately. Having to ride in the grass for the first lap or in the soft mud takes more energy. I was just sapped.
Chris got my new bike built up and I rode it this week. I think I like. The frame is the same--a Superfly, just an updated color scheme. We got the Sram double X components for a killer deal through the 29er Crew. It is light, but I am still missing my grip shifting. I am not so good at the trigger shift yet and I need to mess with the positioning.

My new bike puts a double X in sexy

The drive train is light and the 2x10 w/ 26-39 in front is great

I am digging my Tioga Spyder saddle.


KC said...

Sweet bike, but the saddle does not look comfortable.


Brad said...

Sweet saddle! And that XX looks so cool. That oughta get ya feeling better soon. Good showing at SH even though you didn't feel well.