Monday, May 31, 2010

Stan Crane Memorial 2010

I was reminded today of how good it feels to feel good on the bike. I have not felt like that at a race for quite a while. I did some real slow recovery rides and some time off the bike early this week. I did the Mid-Week race at Sundance on Wednesday and felt pretty good. The course was amazing that night with the moisture from the day before. My group was scheduled for three laps which seemed long. They opted to shorten it mid race though. I was grateful to only have to do two and a half lap.

Preparing for today's race was tricky. Saturday is usually a big ride day if there is no race, but I knew I wanted to be recovered for today. I did a 2.5 hour ride, but tried to keep my heart rate below 150 as much as possible. I did well because Chris had to work, so I was by myself. Josh caught me on Bonneville South towards the end of my ride though. I got into the 160's riding with him, but he was gracious in keeping a slower pace.

Today, we started with the Expert Women again. So there were probably 15 or so on the start line. I was one of the last few to enter the start loop. I was not so concerned though. I knew Kathy would be off the front and I just wanted to keep Sarah and Kelsey in view. I was able to move up a bit before we started the first lap. Passing was not a very big issue, with one minor exception on my second lap. By the time we hit the long road descent and climb on lap one I was essentially where I wanted to be. I was able to pass Kelsey and was close to Sarah. I was sure Kelsey would be back--she is like that. But I got a good gap on her. Sarah and I stayed close for most of the race. We worked together trying to put time on everyone during our second lap. Sarah led on the road climb and I led on the descents. She came by me again on our last lap and she hit the road climb hard. She put some time on me and I could see her ahead as I entered the single track. In spite of my fatigue, I tried to be fast and flow and gain some time back. Unfortunately for Sarah the she went down on the stairs. I was able to get by (she said she was okay) and I did everything I could to put time into her. Sarah is tenacious, so I expected to see her on my tail at any moment. I was able to hold my position though.

Jac came down from Rexburg this weekend and was staying with my other brother, Tom. They both came to watch. It was fun having them there. They said they enjoyed it. Tom was excited to find Corner Canyon and wants to do some riding their with his wife. I really hope they do it.

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