Monday, August 09, 2010

Canyons ICUP Finale

Saturday I lined up with the Eric/ka's. Erica and I wanted to add a lap after confirming that the course was shortened. Erika, due to her hip issues, preferred to keep it short. So we went with the short two laps. Interestingly, we left behind all of the Sport Men with the Expert Women. While that made for heavy lap traffic the vast majority of the guys were very accommodating. Even when I dropped my chain and had to pass a big chunk of them a second time. Thanks guys.
Erica hurt me on the first lap. We did some leap frogging through the first lap. I ended up passing her on the final descent. I was able to hold her off on the second lap. She apparently had some mechanical (chain issues) and Erika, proving her prowess in spite of her hip issues, passed her. They ended up finishing three seconds apart.

And a public service letter: 
Dear Sir:
I beleive in the heat of the race on Saturday we may have had a misunderstanding. You may recall the situation. I came up on you during the single track climb. I asked to pass but you did not respond. I waited patiently growing nervous that my competition would be catching me. I requested  to pass again. To which you responded with stating you did not race for me and I would need to pass whenever I could get by you.
You are correct that you do not race for me, but I was not asking you for much. I was hoping you could simply yield a bit of the trail increasing both our safety as I tried to make it by you. Maybe you are not aware of the difficulty in trying to maneuver past an individual without being able to see clearly what is coming. Yes, I can and did jump into the side of the trail  to get by you. In doing so though I risked not only my safety, but potentially yours. Without being able to see clearly and having to get all the away around you, I risked not only my safety but potentially yours as I could have easily slipped into you taking us both down accidentally. Thus costing time to multiple individuals.
Please be aware that I don't believe my race is more important than yours. I don't expect anyone to a put a foot down or come to a complete stop. But as I am willing to move over to one side of the trail or find a safe spot for others to pass, I wold expect that of others like yourself.
None the less, I hope you had a good race and finished a top your Sport category.


StupidBike said...

nice work out there, as for the 'sir' who wouldn't yield, we need to know more details, like if he wore a revo kit, let me know, won't stand for that sorta thing on our team.

KC said...

Nope. He definitely was not a Revolution guy. He wore another kit predominantly seen in the ICUP.