Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Correction, a Sandwich, and Some Riding

First, I stand corrected. The podium from the PCP2P was Heather first, Kelly second, Sarah was third, Lynda was fourth, Erica fifth, myself in sixth and Jen in seventh. My apologies.

I used to teach school and providing criticism or correction was best done sandwiched between compliments. This method was often recommended and employed especially during parent conferences. In retrospect, I was delivered a "humility sandwich" in my racing. I felt good at the Mt. Ogden 100K, I was decimated at the P2P, and then I felt great again at the Sundance Single Speed Challenge.
I have not been on my single speed that much lately. I tried to do "One Speed Wednesdays", but I cheated frequently. So coming into the race on Saturday, I was not sure how it would go. I took some comfort in  assuming there would not be any expectations as there has never been any female competition in years past. Then I got the call...Erica.
She had a change of plans and decided to do this race. She borrowed Carl's, her brother in law, rigid single speed, took it for a spin, and was going to race it. Son of a...! I was excited to have some competition, but apprehensive at the same time.
Erica and I were joined by Kate--a mid-week race regular. The course was different and I was skeptical, but it turned out great. I really enjoyed it. Erica beat me up the road into the single, of course. She bobbled a section in Center Isle, I believe, and I got by on the first lap. I did not descend very smoothly on the first lap. I am continuously looking over my shoulder knowing she is going to be catching me as I start the climb again. I am still feeling strong. My second lap is close to the same time as my first and the final half lap goes almost as smoothly. Chris defended his title again.
During the race I had two contradicting trains of thought both were concern for Erica. One was that she would be catching me. The other I am concerned about her in general. I start to realize that really this is a technical course. Nothing crazy, but just consistent. I think I should have told her that with a rigid fork, she will need to unweight even more. I should have told her the line for the rock drop. None of this occurred to me until I was riding. She was fine though. She did not care for the rigid fork. And opted to stop "racing" and just ride it out. I have always said that it it an acquired taste.
Later that night, Chris and I went for a night ride. It was a nice night. Even though Chris thinks it is weak, I like my light set up. I felt pretty good, but Chris was cooked from the race earlier in the day.


Erica said...

You are the best riding friend I've ever had! Thanks for caring about my survival during the race. I didn't have a chance of catching you, you are the WOMAN on a single speed.

Dianna - Lamps said...

Good stuff! I continue to enjoy reading these posts