Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Photos N' Such

 That is what I look like running in cycling clothes. Weird. That is the cheer leader that beat me.

On the final (parade, lunch) lap.

 Lap one

 Another of the parade lap

Lap three--the final day lap

KC & the Sunshines (Jill, Erica, Jen) atop the podium minu the KC

I don't think we ever got a full team photos. That's a bummer. Thanks again to Jen, Jill, and Erica for playing mtb racing with me in S. Utah. Good times. Fastest female lap results are here. (Erica is a punk!) And results are here. Here is the question that has been plaguing me a bit. Should I (we, Erica joined me) have gone out for the final lap? We ended up nine laps up on our closest (female) competition. Was that just mean? What would Phast Dan have done?


Erica said...

I'm bummed we didn't get a full team photo. That just means we all have to race it again next year. As far as fastest lap, well, we should have known better than to even try to beat Lynda. But for the record, when you add up our splits you beat me by close to 12 minutes overall. How pathetic that I slowed down so much at night and what a great rider you are that your splits are so close to each other.
And yes, we were right to have done that final lap. It was the most fun and we HAD to set the standard for years to come!

Anonymous said...

24 Hour racing is hard. The fact that you wanted to go out for that final lap and not leave time on the clock is admirable! We were racing hard for ourselves all weekend anyhow, we could have easily 'chilled' about 10 hours earlier:) Way to finish off a great weekend. Jen. PS-Thanks for the invite!

Dan said...

phast dan would have done whatever it took to get his named dropped. Bottom line.