Saturday, March 12, 2011

I lack discipline

As  a MTB I lack discipline. I think some may find it surprising, but I really do. I am well motivated to train and ride hard.  My struggles and lack of discipline are in recovering.
I had chocked this up to a simple fact: I cannot recover on my MTB . And for obvious reasons, Chris HATES the idea of me road riding. He was bound and determined to prove me wrong.
Yesterday, was the day. Bonneville Shoreline was the proving grounds. I rode easy for two hours. My goal was to keep my heart rate below 140. Chris "allowed" short spikes above that but was constantly asking me how I was doing and where was my heart rate. The first 30 minutes were torturous. Seriously, why would anyone ride like this? Oh, yeah to recover. It did get better and became a bit enjoyable. In the end Chris was right, I did it. I finished our two hour ride having kept my heart rate in my recover zone and feeling unstressed physicially.
Today is the true test though. Will it have been worth it? Will I feel good?


StupidBike said...

there must be something wrong with me, cause I love riding below 130 bpm.

Heather said...

Just listen to phil collins while you ride, that will keep your heart rate low! Ha ha! this lady played it in spin class the other day, and wow talk about unmotivating music. I could hardly pedal. But maybe that is just me!

Anonymous said...

to go fast you need to go slow!