Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stealth Mode

If you have been riding with me much this summer, no doubt you have heard me as I approached. As Chris said, I have one of the most expensive "wal-mart" bikes. It creaks like crazy. This is something I have just accepted. We were pretty sure it was coming from my rear hub, but have not been able to silence it or even really quiet it.
That was until last week.
Chris tore it apart (again) and lubed it up. This time he did a little bit more than before--o.k. he told me exactly what he did but I did not really follow it. None the less for our ride on Saturday, something was "wrong". I was pedaling and there was no noise. No creaking. No squeaking. Nothing...but I was moving. It was delightful!

A quite ride

And speaking of delightful, look at Chris' new ride. He is just plain giddy--you can't tell by the picture, but trust me. Although, he has had to retract his previous opinion of FS 29ers. He is hooked. 

Chris' Superfly 100

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KC said...

Oh my heck!!! I am always telling Chris he can ride mine and he refuses, now he has one of his own how cool. He is going to love it at Snow Basin and definitely at 12 Hours of Mesa Verde.

My bike does the same thing, and I always say it sounds like a Walmart bike. It will squeek and it has the creek. I will have to find out what Chris did.