Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mt. Ogden 100K Take Two

Yesterday started early, early, early. I set an alarm for 3 am so I could take my heart burn meds as this has been really bad the last couple of races. Then I dozed on and off for another hour to start eating breakfast--three hours before hand is the general rule. Then it was just getting ready--water bottles/camelbak filled, check weather, dress appropriately, pack up our stuff and load the car.
We arrived at the event site for the Mt. Ogden 100K about an hour before the scheduled start. I checked my rear tire which I had torn on Thursday. It seemed like it may have lost a bit of air over night. Got my equipment ready. Several trips to the bathroom, per the usual. 7:10 they did call-ups which I found a bit embarrassing, but cool too. And the parade lap started.
Things looked and felt good for the first hour or so. I was excited. And then not so much. Things just went awry. I did not descend well as I was nervous about my tire. This allowed the gap to 2nd and 3rd to grow. I never felt really good going down hill. I was not prepared for the climb up Sardine Peak. It was not necessarily that I had no power, but I felt as if I had no energy even though I had been sucking down calories. Hot spots formed under both my feet making descending almost unbearable. So I had nothing. No climbing. No descending. All I could do was (soft) pedal. At the top of the climb on my second lap, things were really bad. Both my quads were on the verge of cramping. I finished my 5th bottle and had it refilled by the incredibly accommodating individuals at the aid station. I took in some water and forced down a much needed gel. With the long descent, this allowed me to get back on top of my electrolytes.
My feet were still on fire and there was nothing but soft pedaling on the climb back to the finish. I had hoped to finish within seven hours, but watched the time come and go.
Chris had started to come back looking for me. I always feel badly when I am so slow he starts to worry. Besides it reiterates how poorly things had gone.
Crossing the finish line I could not wait to take my shoes off. That was all I could think about. As I stepped off my bike into the grass, my right calf seized. I was writhing in pain as ET looked on desperately trying to help. Ugh! I can't complain though about the timing especially since this same calf woke me up from my slumber early Thursday morning. I guess that should have been an omen.
Post race I hobbled around. The course just beat me up. They did the awards later that night during the Royal Bliss concert. That is right. Awards under stage lights. A big crowd. A band beloved band waiting to play. Pretty cool vibe. That Yeti, Steve, at Snowbasin knows how to put on an event. And he is a pretty cool guy, too. Thanks.
We got home around 11 pm--20 hours after waking. Needless to say, I am still pretty wasted.

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