Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vision Quest III

So I am day 11 today and things are good. My eyesight was pretty decent for the mountain biking in St. G last weekend. When the sun was out and casting shadows things were pretty crisp. But when the sun was behind a cloud, it got a bit hazy/fuzzy. I felt safe enough riding and don't believe it slowed me down much.
I was supposed to the contact bandage off my eye Saturday morning. I left it on until that night. I thought it would be better to spend the day riding with it still in the eye.
When I took it out, the eye felt a bit grainy so it was nice to have a good night's rest before needing to actually use it so much. Since Sunday things seem to be steadily improving. I can see road signs at night sans glasses. Computer screens are still a bit fuzzy. This seems to increase when my eyes get tired.  I keep trying to test my vision to see where it is really, but I am not sure to what I would compare it. I should have taken some mental inventory of what I could not see in different situations for comparison.
I can see people's eyes. That is what I have noticed the most. When I would not wear my glasses throughout the day, eyes were just black holes. Now they have color and I can see whites.
I finished the antibiotic eye drops on Monday. I am still taking the steroid drops and artificial tears. It is harder to remember to put the drops in now as my eyes don't bother me as much.
So far so good. And it should only get better from here I am told. December 15th is the big day. That is when I go in for my next check-up.

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