Monday, February 13, 2012

Some of the best of Moab

Now days it is difficult to say what is best in moab. There is so much good great riding there. But with the higher elevations under snow, choices were innately limited.
We went down on Saturday with Josh. We started on Pipedream--it was Josh's maiden voyage. I think he liked it. We took the no dab challenge. We all failed heading South.  Chris dabbled heading North. I was dab-free. The thing about trying not to dab is I cannot go as fast. That takes some of the fun out of it. Maybe I will go for shortest time next time.
Then we packed up and headed to the Bar M area. We started on EZ (or maybe it was Lazy) to Deadman's Ridge. Chris almost did not make it though. Josh and I came around a corner and Chris was on the ground looking shook up. He clipped his handlebars on a rock and dove head first into another rock. Luckily, his helmet took the brunt of it. Let's say his helmet needs replacing. He has had a headache but otherwise he is okay. Josh was pretty disappointed that he misses witnessing it.
Time for a new helmet?
We did essentially the normal after that--Deadman's, Bar B, Sovereign. I was not feeling as strong as I would have liked and we ended up calling it short of what we planned, but still ended up with 5 hours of riding on the day. Not too bad.

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