Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mostly Cloudy

When I was in high school, my dad used to tease me and say that I was a sun goddess. He meant that I love the sun. And I do. Sometimes, I feel as if I am solar powered.
This week's weather was weird. I always check the weather the night before as I pack up my riding stuff for the next day. Each evening the following day's forecast looked good. Partly cloudy, partly sunny, etc. Each day the cloudy part seem to come just as I was riding. Chris made the comment a couple times that it was nice all day until an hour or so ago. And then to add insult, a day or two it would start to get sunnier on the drive home.
Friday and Saturday were both delightfully sunny. As a special treat on Thursday, I had an opportunity to ride with Heather, Gayle and Tiffany. I was so excited! I so rarely get to ride with girls. It just has a different feel to it then with the guys. It is mostly me though, I am much more relaxed and casual when riding with the girls. I think it would be awesome to have a regular "Girlie Group Ride". I am stewing on how to make that happen.

Gayle, Tiff, and Me (Photo Cred: Heather) during "story time"

 On Friday's sunny ride I rode to the top of dry canyon--the top of the world.

The view before dropping into Dry Canyon

My shadow, a long lost friend this week.
Trail updates (according to KC): I think Dry Canyon could use another day or two. I rode it on Friday. Climbing was good but descending was more avoiding wet spots then enjoying the ride. Lots of water.
BST btwn Bridal Veil and the equestrian park off of Canyon Road was prime riding.
The Great Western Trail above the Rock Pile has lots of open climbing also. 

Flying out to New Jersey tomorrow to take in some training for a few days=forced time off the bike.

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