Sunday, March 18, 2012

Win some. Lose some. Don't do some.

True Grit. I think it is safe to say I don't have it. I dropped out last year. And this year did not even show up. After last year's experience, Chris and I decided to wait and watch the weather. We watched and watched. We almost registered, but missed a window and decided to wait and see again.
Chris got a cold. My bike(s) started having issues. We still were waiting. Then this came:

I was torn. Then logic set in. Would I go down to St. George to ride with this forecast? No. So then why would I pay to go down and ride with this forecast? Thus, we stayed home and did some quality riding. The meteorologist/forecast was wrong again. The weather was nice on Saturday. Oh, well.
This year is not shaping up as I had imagined. It is still early so hopefully the pieces will start falling into place.
I think we (Chris) got my bike figured out last night though. I am looking forward to smooth shifting and plush suspension on the horizon.

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