Monday, May 14, 2012

Light Again

The last couple of weekends have been tough. I did not feel well physically, emotionally, and mentally. They were dark days. I started a couple of posts but they just were not fun. So we will leave it at that. Things are looking up and I am seeing the light of mountain biking again.

We did not do Mesa Verde this year. Now that stories are surfacing, I feel as if I missed out. I love that race. It has always been a good time. Utah had a good showing again...congratulations to those who went.

We did race Sundance which is also a good time. Last year there was still snow so this event was held at Soldier Hollow which is really not the same. This year the trail was dry. The weather was warm. It was a practically perfect day for racing.

4 Life came on as a title sponsor for the Mad Dog Cycles team, so we are 4Life-Mad Dog with new colors.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, is this KC Chapman from BYU? I was going though some old stuff and found your wedding invite and wanted to look you up on FB but didn't see you but found this blog. Its me Karen Taylor! How are you doing? Do you have a FB account or anything? Love to catch up with you!