Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching Up

I am a bit behind because I am completely lazy this year. I know why I haven't been posting. I have either been simply lying around or sleeping. That is where most of my excess time is spent these days. While on some level I am okay with it on others...not so much. None the less, that is what I do.
I do still try to get out and ride. If it is cold, or I am tired, or not feeling it, I don't force it. Instead I just go home and lie around the house. Lazy? Probably. In my defense though (you knew it was coming), I am still trying to figure out what is going on with my body physically. Because now when I use the same inputs that I have for the past several years, it is not responding the same. It is changing so drastically, I can hardly keep up with it. It is like something else has taken over...or maybe something has.
USCS #1 Lambert Park
None the less, the year of Chris continues. He raced Lambert Park last weekend. He did this the day after riding White Rim. I did not accompany him to Moab. He got up Friday morning early, drove down to Dead Horse Point, rode the 100 miles with friends, and drove back. I was really looking forward to White Rim this year because I have not done it for a while. No dice. Next year though, right?
I was a bit surprised he was still game for Lambert especially as the weather was sketchy. I think I would have bailed. While it was not his best showing, I was still proud of him.
This weekend was 5 Mile Pass. Early on there was talk of a course change. That talk seemed to fade as the race approached. And while a map of the course was not available on the website, the 11 mile lap claim seemed like it would be the same. It was apparently.
The weather was delightful, especially for 5 Mile Pass. There was a breeze kicking up some huge dust, but I picked a pretty good spot to do hand-ups--which I seem to be much better at doing these days. The only dust I had to deal with during the race was what was kicked up by racers.
Chris had another good day. Coming off his first lap, he was in a group not far behind the sole leader. On his second lap, the group had diminished to just him and fellow Kuhl teammate, Jon. The gap between them and the leader had grown but there was space between them and the rest of the category. Coming into the finish Chris was well situated into second place (with Jon comfortably in third).

Chris' Category

Chris coming into the finish

Where I would have started IF I had raced


Chad said...

Hi KC, I sure wish I could have been at 5-mile pass so you could give me handups, but I was busy celebrating my son's second birthday. Also, I hope you figure out what's going on with your body soon. Mags had some of those same symptoms exactly 2 and a half years ago. I wonder if you've got what she had.

KC said...

Chad: I do in fact have what she had. Some might think that I caught "it" from her, but I am pretty sure Chris had something to do with it.

Hope to do some hand-ups for you soon.