Sunday, August 18, 2013

Still Riding...Some

It is week 35 into our personal adventure and I am still riding. This week my volume definitely declined with only logging a few hours in the saddle. Each time I rode my legs felt fatigued and sluggish which surprised me some. Hopefully it was just a more "off" week. For example, I am tracking my ketones periodically and they were a bit elevated for some time. If my body is utilizing less carbohydrates as fuel, then it could make sense that I never felt really recovered.
This weekend we went up to Park City to visit Chris' mom and step father who were staying there. We rode some of the paved and rail trail with them. This was a longer ride and really enjoyable. The weather was cool and overcast. It threatened to rain some, but we never experienced anything more than drops. Once we got back to their room though a nice storm hit.
As I am nearing the end of this stage, I am growing apprehensive and anxious for the next. While I truly feel I have had an easy go of it, I am about done and ready to move on. We are getting ready. While the media is filled with scary stories, like this stuff, most people I know share stories of women bouncing back quickly. Some of being able to return to riding in as little as two or three weeks! Here's hoping.

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