Sunday, September 15, 2013

On and Off the Bike

It was another on again and off again week on the bike. I am okay with riding every other day at this point. I do miss having a mountain bike a little bit. I donated an essential part (i.e. rear shock) from my FS to Chris so he can ride his mtb which is more important at this point. When Chris was riding my HT, the rear break started sticking, so that needs to be fixed. And my SS is in pieces, but I hope to get it built back up once we finish with the house project--making the spare room nice and livable. We are close. It still needs some touch ups and new fixtures.

It used to be white with pink trim from when we moved in years ago

Chris also tore out the carpet, stained, and finished the floor

Shelf with an orange "chalk board"

We have been stuck in a wetter weather pattern lately. I am not complaining as it has cooled things off quite a bit. But we did get completely drenched the other day. Well, I was soaked to the point that my socks and shoes would seep water around my foot. Chris had tried to ride in the dirt and ended up a wet, muddy mess. At least, I was fairly clean. When I picked up my bike to put it on the car, water came pouring out of the frame through a hole in the chain stay. It was crazy. I have never had a bike do that before.
Of course, the shower was relatively quick and had we been 30 or 40 minutes later, we, well at least I,  would have been fine. After it stopped raining, the clouds broke, the sun came out and it was nice the rest of the night. It was just bad timing on our part.
Chris, comically, blamed me for the incident. He says that if I would not be so willing to ride in climate weather, we would have avoided the situation. Then again, if that was the case there would be lots of times when we could have ridden and then wouldn't.

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